Friday, May 23, 2008

alter online table T add partition partitions N

I now enabled SQL-interface to table-reorg.

The syntax (which is the same for other partition mgm) is

Also switched so that hashmap partitioning is used for all tables created using SQL.
And mysql-test-run works (including a new ndb_add_partition-test)
(except for some range/list partition testcases)

it's still kind of fragile. Error handling is sparse...

there are 3 known things which are easy to fix
- ndbapi transaction hinting/pruning does not work after/during a reorg
- unique indexes will not work after/during a reorg
- only 1 reorg per table is possible (SUMA caches distribution information incorrectly)

and one quite hard
- cluster crash *during* table-reorg

current plan is
1) fix 3 easy known problems
2) fix error handling
3) write detailed test program (pushed back again!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wl3600++ complete

I've coded and pushed wl3600++ to telco-6.4
- lots of code simplification
- lots of "duplicate" code removal

Also merged it into table-reorg clone.
And now system restart just started magically working.
So I can again run mysql-test-run

Will now fix any problems found by


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wl3600++ clarification

Just one thing...

it's obvious that the only long term correct solution
is to add a schema-log instead of the schema-file
but the rules/framework that i'm developing will be
so that a change like that is only (almost) on transaction level,
i.e operations will be almost unchanged...

the schema-log will likely not happen this, next of year after next year...(my guess)

Just wanted to clarify...
(that i'm not an idiot, well at least not a complete one :-)


Has now agreed on a way forward with pekka on wl3600
How to handle SchemaFile, batching & completeness needed for table-reorg.
What operations/transaction shall (not) do in different stages

Having a consistent model feels great!
(compared to the evolutionary mesh that is present today)

Now I only need to implement it...


I now have at least two distinct readers (comments from 2 persons)...
I'm blogging my way into fame