Sunday, June 8, 2008

boom-tjackalack! table-reorg is pushed table-reorg is in 6.4.
pushbuild found a few problems...that are fixed.

what is left:
1) detailed test-prg (which will check consistency after each step, by pausing schema-trans)
2) handling of cluster-crash during reorg
only way right now, is to restore a backup if you get crash during reorg
3) node failure during might cause SUMA to not scan some fragments
(this bug is an old one, existing in 4.1, that also affect unique index build)
4) reorg-abort (in certain state) leaves REORG_MOVED bit on records,
cause subsequent reorgs (to different partitioning) to create inconsistent data.

Not too bad...
I do however think it's quite testable (although maybe not extremely interesting wo/ add node)

Will start on add-node...and fix problems above in parallel

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