Thursday, October 16, 2008

forks, add-on patch-sets and features

so far little is happening in this area with MySQL Cluster.
would be interesting to get patches to cluster from a(ny) (huge-web) company...
wonder if that will ever happen...
maybe we don't use enough buzz-words


it could also be that we add features in a high enough pace ourselves,
preliminary benchmarks of our multi-threaded ndbmtd(4 threads)
shows up to 3.7 times better throughput than singled threaded ndbd.


Arjen Lentz said...

Would the patches be accepted?
Otherwise, noone is going to bother, are they?

Jonas Oreland said...

if they provides business value related to how much work/risk they impose.

in short: If the patch is "good" then
I dont see why not

Anonymous said...

Then again, it is _cluster_ and most of us run screaming when we hear that and MySQL mentioned together.

Jonas Oreland said...

you can run, but you can't hide :-)