Wednesday, May 12, 2010

distributed pushed down joins - more testing

have now written and pushed ndbapi testing of our push-down join implementation (~2k LOC)

the following classes/programs was added
  • HugoQueryBuilder (class)
    Construct a pseudo-random query
    inputs: a list of tables and a options specifying which features should be used in query
  • HugoQueries (class)
    Run an arbitrary query.
    Note: Does only verify individual rows, not relations/result-set. For verifying result-sets we use random query generator
  • testSpj (program)
    Ndbapi test-program using above classes to runs various tests for our cluster specific automatic testing framework
  • hugoJoin (program)
    Stand-alone test-program that takes list of tables/options as command-line arguments
    and using above classes constructs/runs random queries
Quite happy with this, as it's very much needed to get good coverage of the implementation,
especially error cases (e.g node-failure) which is hard to test from/with SQL.


And please provide feedback on preview release that we made!

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