Monday, March 15, 2010

Dbspj update, teaser for UC

5 months more...

reminder, what is Dbspj:
- It's a new feature for MySQL Cluster
- It gives the possibility to push-down SQL joins, i.e to evaluate the joins inside the data nodes.

latest and greatest:
- last 5 months spent on SQL integration
- big effort having it used only for cases that we actually support
- lots of testing using RQG
- a significant part of bugs found last couple weeks, has not been related to spj, but in fact "ordinary" optimizer bugs
- we think that it's quite usable now.

and the numbers:
- my plan was to present TPC-W as "realistic" numbers
- now they look more like fantastic numbers
- if i could, i would add a "25x" to my title
- visit my UC presentation (link) to learn more

and fyi: we also plan to provide a feature preview source (or binary) release for
O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010

(i will of course also disclose all information provided in UC presentation after the event)

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Monty Taylor said...

Very exciting! I can't wait to see this at the UC...